You already have style likes and loves (even if you don't think you do yet). My job is to help you uncover what those are, and then help you bring the best of them to life in your home. So in the end, your space isn't an expression of what I like or what the magazines say you should. It's what makes you happy—and makes your house a home.

Her's how I can help:

  • In-home style consultation  We meet at your home. You talk to me about your challenges and wants and dreams for a space. I offer suggestions for layout, colors, organization—anything you'd like my help with. Hourly, $35
  • Space planning  I conduct an in-home style consultation, return to my thinking corner, come up with some great ideas for your space, draw up a plan, and then present it to you for review. A plan may be created for a totally blank slate, or for a space that already has must-stay pieces and features. Hourly, $35 for finishing touches, $350 for a full room design.
  • Product sourcing  Based on a space plan, I go out (or online) in search of the things I've suggested. This includes everything from wall paint to furniture to that perfect piece of art. Then, I can either provide you with a detailed list of where to find these items, or I can literally go out and get them, bring them to your home, and put it all together (painting and assembly included). Hourly, $35
  • E-Design All of the above, only virtual. This service is for non-local clients only. $350
  • Home staging  Having a party? Setting up your new place? I'll help you decide where to put what, what to put away, and what to bring back out. This service is for local clients only (within 30 miles of Columbus, Ohio). $150-$500